Our Facility

With a fully functional bath house, laundry facilities, a clubhouse to rent for social gatherings, work racks for small maintenance items, and more, our members can make the most of choosing Bradley Creek Marina’s facilities.


offers members and their guests a place to meet and socialize.
Upstairs holds the office social room while the downstairs holds the locker room.

Bath house

Four private baths with showers, laundry facilities, lockers and outside shower.

Multi-level Dry Storage Racks
  • 3 level racks accommodate vessels up to 17’ & 18’ in registered length.
  • 2 level racks accomodate vessels up to 18’, 22’ or 24’ in registered length.
  • 2 level racks will accomodate T-tops.
Free Standing Racks

will accomodate vessels up to 28’ in registered length.

Dry Storage Lanes & Washdown Docks

for cleaning inside of boat before being removed from the water.

Work Racks

available for taking care of small maintenance items. Power and water are provided.

Pier 1: for boats up to 65’

Pier 2: for boats up to 55’

Pier 3: covered dock for boats up to 45’ – Roof system is attached to dock and rises and falls with the tide.

Pier 4: for boats up to 36’

Pier 5: for boats up to 28’

Pier 6: for boats up to 22’

Piers 1 through 6 have state-of-the-art floating concrete docks with walkways. The concrete floating dock system is held in place by 55’ concrete pilings. Rollers allow the docks to rise and fall with the tide. These extremely tall system pilings offer optimum protection to the dock system in the event of a storm surge.