Bulkhead 2022

In the fall of 2021 we had to replace the oldest part of the bulkhead in the marina. This was located at the easternmost end of the property adjacent to Creekside Yacht Club. This project also allowed us to engineer in a very large safety factor for our dry storage customers by relocating the launch lanes away from the bathhouse building, and enabling access to the dry docks without having to walk around and behind the forklift area. In making this move, we were able to construct a large raised deck to access all the dry docks, as well as provide a new and wonderful large social area.

Anchors for Drop Zone.


This change has altered the waterfront face of the marina not seen since the 1990’s when the old concrete piers were replaced with our state of the art floating concrete docks. This new space adds tremendous value to the marina as a consolidated way to access the dry storage docks, bringing much added safety, and will make a great area for everyone to get together and enjoy a cocktail or meal with friends. We look forward to this change becoming a focal point for our members for years to come.

Arial of New Layout.


The engineering that went into the new bulkhead and forklift launch zone is second to none! This project allowed us to plan for the future by constructing it in such a way to prepare for the inevitability of larger and heavier boats and forklifts. This bulkhead was designed by Andrew Consulting Engineers, and built to very stringent standards to be the strongest possible and give us the longest service life for a bulkhead. Our contractor, Evans and Sons Contracting, did an amazing job keeping the entire area very clean and safe while completing a difficult project, all while keeping us fully open and operational throughout.

Steel Supports for Lift Area.